Since 1979, the managers of the firm FOP, alias Film-O-Progrès, have been able to adapt brilliantly to the various trends and technical developments in their market. In full development in the 1980s, the family business took up the enormous challenge of the graphics chain.

From the artisan laminator, cameraman, model maker and typographer, his craftsmen quickly become seasoned computer graphics designers.

At the beginning of the 90s, its leaders were studying the possibilities of new technologies. Their "Art" is transformed and evolves now in a technical world under the control of a complex and refined computer network.

Their years of expertise in color separation and lamination quickly put them ahead of the younger competition. The film then disappears from the Film-O-Progrès workshops and the computer network now takes on proportions suited to the computer graphics under consideration. Rotary scanners and new color adjustment techniques add to their earlier knowledge.

Today, in the heart of this reality that no longer has borders or limits, FOP remains your print production office. FOP stands out, thanks to its experience and its communications system allowing its customers to easily and quickly file and retrieve their documents anywhere on the continent.

Come and discover a company that daily challenges the ever-present great pressure of the graphic arts world.

Foolproof quality!