Benefits of FOP Services:

  • Telephone Service, without voice mail, direct access to production;

  • Fidelity and accuracy of colours with calibrated tests;

  • Precise information and advice, extensive expertise of father-in-wire in the field of printing;

  • Lower costs on hourly pricing given our infrastructure of reasonable and family size;

  • Security and absolute guarantees to find all your work thanks to our archival service;

  • Great ease of exchange of documents, graphics files through our FTP server, allowing to download easily, quickly and securely;

  • Great tranquillity and peace of mind given our commitment to meet deadlines;

  • Accurate final tests, faithful to the results to be obtained from printers. Color profile certified and checked several times a day.

Graphic Design

  • Layout

  • Graphic Design

  • Fix and layout in Adobe software: Indesign, illustrator, and QuarkXpress

  • We master the intricacies of Acrobat and are equipped with a recognized management system (Kodak Prinergy)

  • Specialists for the layout of catalogues, price lists, corporate technical guides, textbooks, magazines, brochures.

  • In short, our specialty: the complex layout


Photo editing

  • Color adjustment According to the selected printing medium

  • Precise adjustments of D. Max

  • Mastery and control of the grey balance

  • Vast experience in balancing the color of photos of the same project, in order to create uniformity

  • Color Correction and elimination of Dominants


  • Checking image resolution, uniform format of document pages

  • Making sure of the lost background (bleed)

  • Assign withdrawal compensation

  • Take charge of PostScript errors

  • Backup in our Prinergy management system in the form of final PDF


Calibrated color Proofs

  • Need color proofs for approval? We have the solution for you.

  • For more than 40 years, we guarantee the accuracy of our color proofs

  • Our profiles have been accredited by the largest printers in Quebec

  • Don't let your customers doubt your prints before printing.

  • In addition, we will guide you to the ideal partner for the printing of your project.

Reproduction of works of art

We offer a reproduction service of works of art such as:

oil paintings • Watercolour • Acrylic • Digital Art

Our reproductions are on the cutting edge of technology.

From the digitization of your works we offer:

  • The faithful retouching of your colors

  • Lithographic printing in real or reduced format.

  • Reproduction in 8 basic colors with high efficiency

Enjoy the idea of being able to offer your customers, copies of your tables at an affordable price, in limited quantity and numbered. In addition we will produce for you a personalized certificate of authenticity.  Our vast expertise is the result of a close collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the faithful reproduction of the museum's collection.

A foolproof quality!